Artlink was founded in 1978 by a group of art enthusiasts, patrons and artists to promote awareness of emerging artists and art forms. 


Our Mission

Artlink is a creative arts center and gallery. Our mission is to invest in opportunities for diverse visual artists and engage the regional community.

Artlink is a 501 (c) nonprofit organization.


1976­ Bruce Linker founded Linker's Gallery in his apartment to showcase emerging artists' work at 1117 1⁄2 Broadway­ Street.

1978 Artlink opened in the summer of 1978 by a group of young artists to promote awareness of emerging artists and art forms at 1126 Broadway­ Street. This space housed gallery and performance rooms, a studio for artists, and a library.

1988­ Artlink moved to 1030 Broadway Street.

1991­ Artlink became a funded partner of Arts United and moved to the Hall Community Arts Center at 437 E. Berry Street.

2011­ Artlink moved to its current location in the Auer Center for Arts & Culture at 300 East Main Street. This move doubled the size of our gallery space and provided workrooms, office spaces, and two classrooms that house our Open Arts programs.