Why I Create: Kara Heingartner

Kara Heingartner works with photography, performance and installation. Herron School of Art and Design, where she received her BFA in 2016, created an interest in exploring the possibilities in a variety of mediums. You can see more of Kara's work on instagram @karaheingartner and on her website kheingartner.com

Her work is about what brings us together as humans and what we are left with as the aftermath. Whether it be remains of a personal relationship or what is left from a solitary encounter with a stranger. Humans can share an experience, yet be left with different emotions and trauma from that shared time. Our reactions may be different, but we cannot handle it on our own.  No one on Earth benefits or survives from being alone.

On October 15th, Kara Heingartner performed her piece Take Control and Discard outside of The Golden. Her piece asked viewers the following...


"With this piece I offer the chance for you to take hold of a word or phrase that has made you feel uncomfortable. It could have been said to you in an intimate setting or out in public. It could have been said by a stranger or someone that you know very well.

Write it down on a sheet of paper and give it to me to erase in black ink and pin to the wall to free you from this burden.

While you bring me yours I will be doing the same with mine. No one has to read yours, not even, but I am giving you the option to read mine. "