Staff Picks: January

January picks are here! Each month, our staff of creatives presents our favorite art findings. It may be the end of the month, but we still have so much we want to share with you that we have found inspiring this month. 


My staff pick this month is my
favorite contemporary landscape painter: Renato Muccillo. 

Renato is a self-taught artist from Vancouver who beautifully depicts his surrounding Canadian scenery in a style he has described as “a deeply controlled impressionism”. He has been an inspiration to me for years, for both his incredible talent and his kindness. I hope you all take a glance at his amazing artwork.

-Ellen Mensch, Gallery Assistant


New Year, New Me. We see it every year, but in my search for self-care methods, lists, and schedules, I stumbled upon this image that sparked my curiosity in this Danish, simple and comfortable living. A personal passion of mine is making sure that the spaces I occupy encourage creativity and allow for healing and vulnerability. Applying this Hygge manifesto to all that I do in 2018 and beyond.

-Eden Hakimzadeh, Gallery Intern

Saltwater Baptism.jpg

Saltwater Baptism is an incredibly beautiful and contemplative short documentary that examines the complex intersections of identity – specifically intersections of culture, religion, and sexual orientation. The film follows Santiago Gonzalez IV and Austin McKinley – two gay, Christian men – as they balance their sexual orientation and their religion.

In a political and economic climate that seems to continuously work to divide, it is important (and just decent) that we consider and respect the complexity of identities – both of others and of ourselves. 

-Matt Lutz, Gallery Intern


I am really loving Eric Trine Studio. I recently picked up one of his hot pink plant stands and I'm in love. Not to mention is Instagram (@etrine) is full of inspiring quotes, beautiful photos, and lots of dancing.

Eric Trine is an object-based designer and commercial artist working in the classic California modern style - clean, simple, casual, and approachable. Check out his Instagram here.

- Maddie Miller, Gallery Coordinator

Artlink VR136_1.jpg

Pino Signoretto recently passed away but while alive, he was a giant in the glass world.  Born in 1944 in a small town outside of Venice, Italy, he began blowing glass at the age of 10.  He became a world renowned glass sculptor and influenced multiple generations of glass artists.  His most recognizable work in the United States would be his collaboration with Seattle glass artist, Dale Chihuly. I was fortunate enough to have met Pino and while I didn't have the privilege of knowing him well, just being around him you could see that he was a man full of life.  Everything about him was exuberance and joy.  He was a master of his craft and his expertise, humor and imagination will be sorely missed. Read more about Pino here.

- Morgan Bogart, Office Manager

Pino Signoretto 1944-2017


Several months ago I stumbled on the trailer for The Square confusing it with another beautiful documentary about the Egyptian revolution in 2013. The Square 2017, is not that. The trailer is a - barely - absurdist look at the beauty insanity of seeking fame in the art world. The movie opens locally on Jan 25 at Cinema Center. Watch the trailer here.

- Matt McClure, Executive Director