Staff Picks: March


I absolutely love contemporary jewelry and trying to grow my small collection. I am loving Hannah Oatman's work! Her color combinations, textures, and layers are beautiful. I follow her on Instagram and love following her process shots like this one

Pictured: Collage 11 Brooch, steel, sterling silver, vitreous enamel, 18kt gold.

- Maddie Miller, Gallery Coordinator


Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 12.01.58 PM.png

Fort Wayne natives, Cambry Hicks and Kelsey Martin, joined forces with a crew of young, African American creatives to publish a Black History Month inspired photography project entitled “The Black Excellence: #ALLABOUTHAIR.” The New Culture’s (@thenewculture_) project demystifies stereotypes about natural black hair styles and creates space for a new standard of how we perceive the individual and experimental expressions of hair. Check out their published product on their respective Instagram accounts or on Fguk Magazine’s online publication.

- Eden Hakimzadeh, Gallery Intern



For TV watchers and comic book geeks: 
If you get a chance, check out "Robert Kirkman's Secret History of Comics." This is a six-part documentary by Robert Kirkman who drew for Image Comics and Marvel - the "Invincibles" and "The Walking Dead." He teamed up with AMC for this series which examines stories, people, events, scandals that transformed comic book history. My favs - the truth about the scandalous Wonder Woman creator, and "Color of Comics" about the first Black super hero!

These aired on AMC TV in November and December but are available on  YouTube for $1.99 or on Google Play Movies also at $1.99.

- Suzanne Galazka, Figure Drawing 



I stumbled upon an artist on Instagram recently named Aleksandr Shcherbakov (Aleks7even). I think his page is fascinating to scroll through because he has an art series called "Good Morning Coffee" where he posts a new and unique coffee cup drawing each day. He's been at it for over a year now, so there are plenty of beautiful drawings to scroll through. The image pictured above is from day 386 in his series. He also has an Etsy where you can purchase prints of his! You can find that here

- Ellen Mensch, Gallery Assistant



My staff pick this month is On Cinema at the Cinema, a webseries hosted by comedian Tim Heidecker and his perpetual special guest, Gregg Turkington. In the series, Heidecker and Turkington, in a self-indulgent manner, vapidly review movies while bizarre plot arcs develop around their characters.  Recently, the bizarreness culminated in an elaborate, 5 hour long, very dryly shot (and I think thoroughly hilarious) legal trial – which, while maybe not a traditionally exciting way to spend 5 hours, is at least a very unique way.

For me, what distinguishes On Cinema at the Cinema as an important work is its brilliant understanding of satire – that satire is much more than just exaggeration and humor, but instead a commitment to exaggeration and humor, used in an insightful way, that is definitely absurd but also definitely reflective of the ideas it is criticizing.

- Matt Lutz, Gallery Intern


SG Floorplan.jpg

This may not look like much to you, but to me it is the promise of wonderful things to come. What you are looking at is the floor plan for a play that I am directing, The Secret Garden. 

We started rehearsals March 5, and will be performing at the Auer Center's ArtsLab (right across the lobby) April 20, 21, 22, 27, 28, and 29. 

The floor plan is part of the set design, letting us know where the furniture and scenery will be. But it also lets us know where the acting and movement will take place, how much building needs to be done, where the lights will be focused, etc.

It helps us begin to make magic! 

- Lorraine Knox, Office Manager


ArtlinkStaff2017004 (1).jpg

Streaming on Netflix, this performance is a perfect creative companion to any narrative artist as they work. A beautiful meditation on the intersection of music and story.

-Matt McClure, Executive Director