Staff Picks: April


I recently discovered an amazing Printmaker from Vermont named William H. Hays. He's had an interesting artistic career.. he began as a watercolor painter, received a degree in sculpture from the University of Alaska, became an oil painter for a while, and now concentrates exclusively in printmaking since 2012. He focuses mainly on linocut prints, which if you are unfamiliar with the process, here is a quick description. Hays is primarily inspired by landscape, often working from memory or an impression of the landscape rather than an exact recreation. He has a blog where he has written extensively about his process for creating art if you'd like to check that out. I discovered him because his work is currently on display here at Artlink! He was selected to be in the 38th National Print Exhibition which will be up until May 11th if you'd like to come see his beautiful work in person!

- Ellen Mensch, Gallery Assistant


Screenshot (4).png

Wrap it-tape it-walk it-place it has been one of my favorite blogs for a long time. I love seeing the process that museums and galleries go through to install works of art. It's absolutely fascinating and beautiful. Check it out

- Maddie Miller, Gallery Coordinator



Fotos Feminas is my pick for April. This is an online gallery space that features Latin and Caribbean native women to feature their photography. This site also helps place their work in high traffic and prestigious art spaces all around the world. Based in Los Angeles, they also mentor photographers from the process to how to get placed in gallery spaces. They’ve featured 36 artists from 14 countries and managed to do so without implementing a foreigners lens of what people in a community think, feel, and look like. What a wonderful model and hope to see more virtual and physical spaces come to fruition.

- Eden Hakimzadeh



What do you see in this photo? A couple people standing by a frame? Some lumber and a ladder? 

I see a secret door, in a stone wall that has mostly been covered by ivy. I see the floor plan from last month's staff pick coming to life.

You will see that too when you come see the play. You can find the details and tickets here.

Can't wait to see you by the door in the ivy-covered wall!!

- Lorraine Knox, Office Manager



Wreck it Ralph 2 Ralph Breaks the Internet.

A couple weeks ago Disney released the teaser trailer for the sequel to Wreck It Ralph. It looks cute...but the last 15 seconds of this trailer...I died a little laughing. 

- Matt McClure



My staff pick this month is MUBI, an online streaming service that is dedicated to increasing the accessibility of independent, auteur, and experimental films. Their collection is full of engaging and exciting films that range from classic to contemporary, and they upload a new one every day! Just recently they made memberships available to students and professors for free!

- Matt Lutz, Gallery Intern