November 2 - December 7, 2018

Noli Me Tangere: Genesis:

Kelvin Burzon

Noli Me Tangere, “touch me not” or “don’t tread on me,” (Latin) is a series of photographs that examines an internal conflict of homosexuality and Catholicism. The photographs address, but don’t aim to solve, the contentions between religion and homosexuality. Utilizing appropriated religious imagery and language, the work is recontextualized by the insertion of LGBTQ members and activists posing as Catholic deities. Themes, lighting and color treatment are adopted from the works of Renaissance Artists. The photographs are then presented as polyptychs in mimicry of Catholic altar-pieces.

Kelvin Burzon is a Filipino-American artist whose work explores intersections of sexuality, race, gender and religion. His most recent work investigates religions role in culture and familial relationships and highlights religions traditions, imagery, theatricality, and psychological vestige. He graduated from Wabash College and received his Master of Fine Arts degree from Indiana University’s School of Art + Design. His work has been exhibited abroad and all over the country. His work is a part of several permanent collections, including The Kinsey Institute and the Center for Photography at Woodstock. He has presented his work at several conventions, including the Society of Photographic Educations regional and national conferences. Burzon continues to push his work with inspirations from the past, recontextualized narratives and imagery of religion, paired with the never-ending stimulation and inspiration from the LGBTQ+ community


FACe Value: Sarah Holden

FACE VALUE is an investigation into presenting the female image as a powerful and autonomous identity that understands her own worth through the objects she creates and images herself with. Holden sources Elizabethan portraiture as format, inserts herself as subject and fabricates steel lace and sterling silver pearl collar necklaces with her background as an academically trained metalsmith and jeweler. Using traditional and non-traditional craft techniques, Holden’s series of necklaces and works on paper challenge cultural expectations of female behavior by creating role reversal through material. Fabricating lace in metal transforms this soft fiber decorative material into something strong and hard, interrupting its expected behavior and creating rebellious jewelry. Works on paper created by depositing carbon soot from an acetylene torch directly on canvas that is then precisely removed with jewelry polishing tools leaving a gray scale image in a variety of textures is an unexpected way of creating image that draws from Holden’s experience as a fabricator and creates portraiture that images herself and objects that represent her as mother, metalsmith and jeweler.

Sarah Holden is a studio artist and educator living in Chicago, IL. Sarah received her Master of Fine Arts in Studio Art with a focus in Jewelry and Metalsmithing from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee and her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Crafts/Material Studies and Sculpture from Virginia Commonwealth University. Sarah has presented as a visiting artist at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, The University of Wisconsin, Whitewater and taught as a Metals Instructor at Penland School of Crafts. Sarah exhibits her work nationally as in her recent inclusions in Betwixt & Between at Ball State University, Intersecting Boundaries at Clamplight Gallery in San Antonio, TX and WEAR/WARE at Pocosin Arts in Columbia, NC. Sarah's work has also been exhibited internationally in WINDOW at the Mother Makers Gallery in Munich Germany and online in Appropriated Adornment, the most recent SNAG online juried exhibition.

Sarah's work is held in several public and private collections including the collection of the Racine Art Museum and the Porter Price and Grubow Private Collections. Sarah currently teaches steel fabrication and metal forming at The Chicago Industrial Arts and Design Center in Chicago, IL and creates one of a kind work and limited production studio jewelry in her Chicago studio. Sarah's sculpture and limited production jewelry can be found at galleries across the US.

USE YOUR WORDS-front (1).jpg

Use Your Words: Kara Doak

There are things that we wish we could say but are unable to, so we write them down or hold them in our heads. This is common, but even more so for those of us that suffer from anxiety and depression.

Over the past year I have found myself journaling when things become overwhelming. Writing is a helpful tool, yet I have an extremely hard time admitting these feelings to my loved ones. It is easy for me to write down my thoughts and hide my journal away hoping that no one finds it.

This exhibition seeks to confront these thoughts and feelings by being vulnerable to the viewers through text and photography as well as installation.

Kara Doak is an artist based in Fort Wayne, IN. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography from Herron School of Art and Design in Indianapolis, IN. Kara uses photography, video, audio, and performance to create works that explore human connections. Kara is interested in what brings us together and what we are left with in the aftermath. Find Kara’s work on her website and on Instagram @karadoak_.

December 15, 2018


The Art Market: Winter Edition

The Art Market is a curated marketplace featuring the best in contemporary craft and handmade goods. Our market strives to bring the highest quality handmade goods to the people of Fort Wayne, Indiana. The Art Market: Winter Edition, Saturday, December 15th from 11am to 6pm will feature 18 artisans with beautiful, well-designed goods for everyday life.

January 4 - February 8, 2019

  Daniel Dienelt

Daniel Dienelt

Artlink Regional Exhibition

Artlink is pleased to present the return of Artlink's Regional Exhibition. The Regional features artists from around the Midwest states of Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, and Kentucky, showcasing the rich artistic talent found in the region. Artists of all mediums, backgrounds, and concepts are joined together for a rich exhibition of compelling works of art. This exhibition will be juried by Meredith Brickell and Ray Duffey, artists and educators based in Indianapolis, Indiana.

About the Jurors

Brickell Meredith Knapp_459a34571f078a17be741aa88a2b5261.png

Meredith Brickell
Meredith Brickell is an artist and educator based in Indianapolis, Indiana. She founded the House Life Project in 2015—a neighborhood initiative that facilitated collaborations between artists and local residents to reimagine vacant properties as sites for creative projects and programs. Brickell has exhibited across North America and abroad. Awards include a Creative Renewal Fellowship from the Indianapolis Arts Council and a Silver Prize from the Yingge Ceramics Museum in Taiwan. Brickell is an Associate Professor of Art at DePauw University.


Ray Duffey

Ray Duffey was born and raised in North Carolina where he completed his undergraduate work at North Carolina State University’s College of Design. After having studied and practiced woodblock and letterpress printing, he trained as a cabinetmaker and custom furniture maker. He went on to receive his MFA in Furniture Design from Herron School of Art & Design in Indianapolis, where he teaches and supervises the woodshops while maintaining his own studio practice. Duffey has taught at Penland School of Crafts (NC) and was awarded an artist residency at Maine College of Art.