Executive Director

Matt McClure

Matt is an illustrator, creative director, creative arts advocate, and avid coffee drinker. He returns to Fort Wayne from Columbus, Ohio, where he co-founded and directed the cartoon arts organization The Sequentialist, whose mission is to tell the diverse human stories that make up Columbus and its surrounding neighborhoods through cartoon art. Using illustrated interviews, oral histories, and true stories told live, the Sequentialist team of illustrators and editors produce visually stunning stories highlighting the diverse human experiences of Columbus residents, touching on themes such as poverty, inequality, friendship, and the nuances of hope.

Prior to this, Matt spent seven years in Fort Wayne working as an administrator and media advisor for The Communicator at IPFW, as well as working in art education focusing on illustration and narrative art. Additionally, Matt is a writer and illustrator under the pseudonym Thelonious Grimm, where he produces illustrations and short fiction for children.

Gallery Coordinator

Christina Rorick

Christina, AKA Tina, has made the magic of the gallery you experience happen since joining the team in 2014 as the Administrative Gallery Coordinator. A Fort Wayne Native, Tina spent time as a student at the University of Saint Francis and worked at the Allen County Public Library Georgetown for eight years (an avid reader, obviously). She also loves color theory, abstract paintings, the Renaissance period, and the following artists, in no particular order: Canova, Brancusi, Klimt, Singer Sargent, Calder, and “that one French guy with the rats.”

Like most artists, Tina appreciates most mediums, but has a particular fascination with metals and their inherent nature of transformation… in another life, she’d probably be a blacksmith. If you were to transplant Tina anywhere else in the world, you should ship her off to the UK because of her love for small cars, cottages and dry humor. Her greatest achievement thus far is not killing her cactus that she got for Christmas (this past year). Cheers, Tina!

Gallery Receptionist

Suzanne Galazka

Suzanne has been warmly greeting Artlink guests since the early 90’s. Born and raised in Michigan, she moved to Fort Wayne in 1991 and joined Artlink immediately (back at the Broadway location) and served on the Artist Panel and has been hanging out ever since. She graduated from the Center for Creative Studies Detroit in Fine Arts Painting, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts Philadelphia in Painting, and Catholic University of Lublin, Poland in Polish language and Art History.

Ink and watercolor are Suzanne’s mediums of choice; we imagine Suzanne in her most blissful state sketching in Europe, somewhere warm like Southern Spain, Costa Brava, or Southern France. Suzanne is a lot like Oatmeal – err, we mean, she’s warm, comforting, and good-hearted. You’re likely to hear her trying to whistle “Flight of the Bumblebee” by Rimsky-Korsikov (impossible, but still fun) as she’s gardening… she would also like to call to arms all of the volunteer gardeners in Fort Wayne – together, you can weed, thin, transplant in Spring!

Assistant Gallery Coordinator

Maddie Miller

Maddie is very excited to join the Artlink team! She recently graduated with her Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis in Printmedia from Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, MI. While in Kalamazoo, she was also an artist-in-residence at Makeshift.

Beyond the walls of her studio, you can often find her riding her bike on the trails and sipping coffee. She is a Fort Wayne native looking forward to helping cultivate the creative community.