Our Team

Our team works hard everyday to create better, more sustainable lives for artists and creatives through the artistic resources we provide at Artlink. Our Board of Directors, Artist Panel, and Staff are made up of artists and individuals passionate about the arts.

  Matt McClure, Executive Director   matt@artlinkfw.com

Matt McClure, Executive Director


Maddie Miller, Gallery Coordinator


  Suzanne Galazka, Receptionist   suzanne@artlinkfw.com

Suzanne Galazka, Receptionist


Lorraine Knox, Office Manager 


Megan Maynard and Bridget Perry, Fall Gallery Interns



Artist Panel

Board of Directors

Ron Dick – President

Irene Walters – Vice President

Mike Kanning – Treasurer

Lizette Downey – Secretary

Sheila Anderson

Patti Brahe

Megan Butler

Scott Drummond  – Board Intern

Andrew Lamping

Tim Manges

Jen Nash

Renata Robinson

Lynette Scott

Wayne Shive

Nancy Stewart

Jason Swisher

Julie Wall - Artist Panel Representative